The American Way

From the design, to construction, to arriving at your door, we take pride in our products each step of the way. Every American Toy and Furniture product is made to order with care and quality that will last a lifetime.

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3D Prints

Fun designs, toys, and trinkets, printed by us.

Veteran Groups and Non-Profits

As a thank you to those who served, and those who help them, we offer special pricing to veteran groups and related non-profits. Fill out the respective form below to get in touch with us about making a special purchase.

ATF Archive

The American Toy and Furniture Co Archive (ATF Archive) is a simple site with the purpose of providing resources and info about the company. American Toy and Furniture Co was a Fox Valley based manufacture that ran from the early 1900s up until around the year 2000s. Throughout their time they released hundreds of products that were loved by children around the USA.

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